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Hi! I am

Website Developer

I have 17 years experience in web-designing and web-development.
I work with Wordpress CMS (templates and plugins development), PHP / JS frameworks
and API with all systems (socials, shops, business etc.) or create own API.

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My Works

What I Do

Custom PHP Projects

Build environment and configuration topics specific to PHP projects.

Wordpress Projects

If you are working on a website that has primary focus on content WordPress is the thing for you.

Development Frameworks

Development single or multi platform fast frameworks to build your business.

Popular JS Frameworks

Solution complex problems with many knowledges in JS frameworks.

Frontend coding

Usability and attractive interface with using new technologies (HTML5 / CSS3 / JS).

Database development

Careful design of the database for fast and reliable operation of the loaded systems and further support.

What Others Says About Me

Serg was excellent to work with. Completed the job within the deadline, and was available for any questions. Would like to work with him again if the need arises.

My Clients

1001Shops ShopAlive ComedyShow NDS Tupuca
Microsoft RestADesk Niko